Easy Backlinks that Pass Value

An easy backlink, is any link that can be obtained by just about anybody, fairly easily (pretty straight forward right?). Since the most recent Google update, known as the Mayday update – we have been doing a lot of testing on many of our sites. Some of the sites we operate gained more traffic and better rankings. Even more of them lost traffic and most of the rankings that were once very good. That got us digging deep into figuring out what it is that Google wants, and how we can fix the problems that were encountered. It also got me revisiting what exactly would be considered a quality link in the eyes of Google, and what will pass value.

We figured we would start with the easy links. The problem with the easy links, is that they very rarely pass any value. Most of them are low quality, and just simply are not worth the time it takes to easily build them (even if they are easy).

What is a Quality Link?

In my opinion, any link that is responsible for targeted traffic to your website is a quality link. While it helps when the link passes value, that is not always the victory link. I have had links that I have proven to pass zero value in search engines, yet has brought thousands of visitors via direct traffic from that link. This specific example happened to be a forum link.

Still, in most cases the goal for many who are building links is to get higher rankings in the search engines. So how do you know which links pass value? Well, the short answer is that you don’t. There is actually no way to know exactly what links are going to pass value. That is, until you test them out for yourself and get real results. Many times the links that you think will pass the most value never really do. Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to why links do not pass value.


Testing Link Value

The only way to know for sure how well a link is going to work for you in terms of search engine rankings, is to test various links. In other words, you will need to build links to your websites and then test the results of the links. Considering that the whole point is to increase rankings, that would be the only way to truly measure the success of the link.

This can only work if you are trying to test link directories, blog comments, forum comments, etc. It would have to be the type of link you can obtain easily over and over again. The problem with this, is that those links usually do not have much value. Still, there are some that do, and this is how you figure out which ones have that value I keep talking about.

Build a handful of websites, with around 10 pages of good content, then let them sit for a few weeks. This can be on whatever niche you want, and you can build them however you want – but you need to get them to the point to where they are just sitting. We want to make sure that any results that change via the SERPS is from the links that will be built to these sites in the future. They can even be free wordpress blogs or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

Build 1 link per site (or a group of links, from the same source). It must only be 1 link, so you will know for sure if that link had any effect on your rankings or results. This can be forums, blog comments, article directories, paid link directories, free link directories, social bookmarking, or any other method you may use.

Rinse and repeat. This time with a different link for each site. Sometimes, it can be a combination of different links that help to obtain better rankings.

You will be able to figure out which link opportunities bring in the most direct traffic. Of course, there are a lot of variables. It will depend a lot on the topic of the website.

I highly recommend that you test this in very non competitive niches. The reason being, is because most of these link opportunities are not likely to carry much weight. The idea behind this approach is to figure out which ones do carry the weight. It may only be 1 out of 100. If you can use that 1 link source for all your sites, and you learn about 1 gem every week, then eventually your going to have some very good starter links for whenever you build a new website.

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