Blog commenting is a skill we must all learn. Not just because it keeps the spirit of blogging alive, but because it actually helps us build links, traffic and popularity within the blog sphere.

Everyday more and more large corporations are adding blogs to there website, why you ask? Because they need to, they need to interact with there online readers, and the best way to do this is through a corporate blog.

Credits to Flickr

When you first created your blog Im guessing you chose a blog over a static website for one of two reasons:

  1. Ease of setup, easier personalization and because blogs are generally quicker to add content to.
  2. Because you wanted to interact with your readers.

Today I am going to focus on the later. If you chose to create a blog so you could interact with your readers you are on the way to understanding the full power of blog comments. From a readers point of view there are three advantages of commenting on blogs.

Commenting for Traffic

Next time your on your favorite blog, try to be the first to leave a comment on there latest post, and make sure it adds value to the post. If you accomplish what Ives said I can guarantee you will receive traffic from that post, why? Because you deserve it, you have added value to someone else blog so people are likely to investigate your blog.

Commenting for Links

An increasingly popular way of quickly building links is finding blogs where the dofollow command is enabled and posting a comment solely for the backlink. Whether or not you think this is ethical, the fact still remains that it does work. My view is that if you read the post and leave a valuable comment then there should be no problem. You can find a list of dofollow blogs here:

Commenting for Popularity

When you are starting out as a blogger it is very important to get your name out there, unfortunately it is also very hard to do with 175,000 new blogs being made per day. By leaving comments on bigger blogs you are exposing yourself and your blog to hundreds of readers, if you can offer these readers something valuable they are certain to become readers of your blog too.

While it may be tempting to go out and spam every blog insight, hoping for backlinks and traffic. Please dont, it will only lead to your comments getting deleted and you and your blog being labeled as a spammer, but it is also bad for the blogosphere.