The 5 Steps to Site Flipping Success

It’s simply building up a blog or website and selling it to a new owner who can start creating revenue with it. Typically buyers who are looking for websites to purchase aren’t looking to do work, they want a complete fully functional blog that requires minimal maintenance.

When we are creating blogs/websites to sell, we must be sure to do all the work for the buyer so they can simply add it to their network of blogs to increase their monthly revenue.

Step #1 Find The Site Flipping Marketplace

Before you begin creating a niche blog that you intend to sell it is important to get an idea of how the site flipping market is working at the moment. There are two options at the moment; Sitepoint & DigitalPoint. However I’m going to focus only on Sitepoint as it is the largest auction marketplace.

Sign-up for an account on the marketplace so we can get the basics done to ensure your success later on. When you’re browsing the auction listings you’ll notice each listing requires three pieces of information from the seller:

1) Website Verification 2) Phone Number Verification 3) Feedback

Right away you can go ahead and verify your phone number. You can also verify your website after you have put your blog up for auction. The third part requires you to complete one auction. It is very important to get all these done so your username will have a 100% trusted rating. This will increase your auction response rate and give buyers confidence when bidding on your auction.

Step #2 Start Your First Flip

Now you have an account, it’s time to get your very first flip started. One thing I have learned in the 4 years of working online is to over deliver to ensure success. That’s right, your first flip won’t make you hundreds or thousands but that’s not the goal.

The goal is to over deliver to ensure you get great feedback from your first buyer and to give you some capital to pay for your next auction listing. When you start to flip more frequently you’ll soon see that buyers come back for more!

Step #3 Make Your Plan & Execute

Since this is your very first site flip, we’re going to focus on getting you a solid ROI (Return on Investment) to help you on your next site flip. We’re going to take all the money you spend on the blog and multiply it by 2. So let’s run down the easiest way to get started:

1) Pick a Niche 2) Purchase a Domain Name $10 3) Set-up WordPress 4) Pick a Theme 5) Write UNIQUE Content

All buyers are looking for unique design and unique content. If you can’t provide unique design then provide unique content, or vice versa. Once you provide both then you can increase you listing by hundreds of dollars.

Step #4 Create a Revenue Stream

As I stated before all buyers are looking to make money from the websites they are buying. Your blog or website needs to make money for them, even if its only a dollar a day. You have a few options and it’s best to utilize all of them. However for you first flip we’ll focus on Adsense. Integrating Adsense into the blog that is very simple. Plus you don’t need to make money right away with Adsense since this is your first flip.

Step #5 Put Your Site Up For Auction

Now that you have your blog all setup with new unique content, adsense and new domain it’s time to put it up on the auction marketplace. We’ll assume you spent $10 on domain and $10 on auction listing. Everything else you did for free with your own hard work. So in total you spent $20 and you’d like to profit times 2 so your Buy Now price will be a cool $40.

You’ll want to post your listing in the “Startup Web Sites for Sale” section. You can get cool sitepoint auction templates over at my blog so you can format your listing to make it stand out.

You’ll find that with such a low Buy it Now price, you’ll get a quick response and sell it quickly. Once you get a buyer you’ll have to help them setup the blog then they’ll gladly give you great feedback to allow you take your site flipping into overdrive.

Completed My First Site Flip Now What?

Now you do it again! But you build an even bigger and better blog. Take all the skills and information here at the LinkersBlog to create a blog with high traffic, solid Page Rank, possibly some adsense earnings and flip that for even more money! This can take a week or even a month depending on your desired Buy Now price.

Some Closing Tips for Success

Create a website that is dedicated to your site flips and leave a link at the bottom of all your SitePoint listings to this website. Create an opt-in e-mail list to allow people who are interested in your next site flip to be updated right away. Once you become more known you’ll generate a list of people who you can e-mail and tell them to go to your listing. This will make it so you can get a Buy Now bid within hours!

You can also create other types of websites to sell. You don’t need to make a blog every time. Another great option is creating sales pages that sell a product that you can buy or create. If you do this right and make some revenue before putting it up for auction you can see a great return on investment. Two awesome products to help you with creating amazing sales pages are: Amazing Mini-Site Templates & The Master CSS File.